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movieROctober 21, 2022
Mike and Kate, a young couple, get the once-in-a lifetime chance to win a cool five million dollars. The challenge: Live for 50 days in a blank space. Sticking it out for thirty days, and the five million are theirs. How difficult can it be?
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1h 32min
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A couple are sent to "The Immaculate Room" where if you spend 50 days in a room where there is mostly nothing that you win 5 million dollars. It was quite intriguing that the movie was shot in only one room and Mikey and Kate are questioning their own sanity while spent locked up by themselves as days go on with surprises that the room gives them. It is, at best, a decent film.

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  • Emile Hirsch
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Ashley Greene
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