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moviePGJuly 25, 2023
In the underground world, there are not only terracotta warriors and horses, but also a variety of bronze relics, resurrected bronze beasts and an underground creature called the "Earth Horn". The hero, Meng Yuan, is an odd-job figurine in the underground Qin tombs. He works with the mysterious girl Shi Yu to capture the Earth Horn and goes through dangerous situations, but unexpectedly discovers the mystery of the endless battle between the Earth Horn and the terracotta warriors
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1h 51min
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I love movies. If you have a movie podcast and are interested in a guest to discuss movies with, reach out. I'm hoping to make more time to write short reviews on the films and movies we watch over the weekend. Overall, this movie was not too bad. Interesting creative story based on the Terracotta warriors in China. The villain was great. Sinister, Greedy, selfish. There were a few times in the movie I felt a bit lost. Almost like the writers just needed to add a line or two to fill the view in on what was going on or explain more of the lore or how things work in the world, but it didn't distract too too much from the overall story. I the dub'd English voice overs were not on par to what you would expect from mainstream American animated films. Rude language: Sucks, Wuss and a couple of fart jokes. I'm a big believer in being more artful when it comes to what characters say. I think movies too easily put in swears or rude language in places where I think they could put it something more creative to get a bigger laugh and at the same time make the movie more wholesome. This movie was pretty mild in this category. My range of kids watching. 2-11. We all enjoyed it.

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  • Horace Cohen
  • Andre Dongelmans
  • Tinne Oltmans
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