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moviePGJuly 23, 2023
In the underground world, there are not only terracotta warriors and horses, but also a variety of bronze relics, resurrected bronze beasts and an underground creature called the "Earth Horn". The hero, Meng Yuan, is an odd-job figurine in the underground Qin tombs. He works with the mysterious girl Shi Yu to capture the Earth Horn and goes through dangerous situations, but unexpectedly discovers the mystery of the endless battle between the Earth Horn and the terracotta warriors
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1h 51min
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So the truth is I haven't seen the whole movie with any English dub or sub yet so I don't know what is going on exactly. But I feel like maybe this should have a sequel. Cause I feel like maybe there should be more to this story especially when there was a scene during the mid-credits. So I feel like this story is not over yet. So hopefully next year or so, there will be a sequel to this movie. Maybe even a second sequel.

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  • Horace Cohen
  • Andre Dongelmans
  • Tinne Oltmans
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