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movieDecember 8, 2023
Christmas break, 1971. Samantha and Clara, two students who are staying behind for the holidays at their boarding school, must survive the night after the arrival of uninvited visitors.
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1h 30min
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I don't know the reviews are so low because it's really not that bad. With full honesty I can proudly say this is a good watch. Someone said it's downhill after the first scene but personally, I think it's uphill. You just want to keep watching to see what's going to happen. I don't think it's for everyone but if it interests you in the slightest, you won't hate it. I think the acting is great, and I can tell Jenn Wexler really thought about these characters and gave them all a unique personality that you can distinguish easily. These actors are extremely underrated and everyone portrayed their character perfectly. I can tell some actors were genuinely having fun on set and it made their performances more enjoyable. Besides acting, the cinematography could be better in some scenes but that's just my opinion. There a couple awkward camera angles but they're tolerable. Some of the effects a little too unrealistic for my liking. Theres a plot twist about half way in and it may take a second to really get what's happening but I love how going into the movie I came out with a completely different mindset. This has to be one of my favorite Horror Christmas movies I've watched and I recommend to give it a chance despite the lower reviews :)

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  • Mena Massoud
  • Olivia Scott Welch
  • Chloë Levine
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