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movieDecember 8, 2023
Christmas break, 1971. Samantha and Clara, two students who are staying behind for the holidays at their boarding school, must survive the night after the arrival of uninvited visitors.
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1h 30min
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Ok, so this one had a lot of good things going for it, the acting I genuinely think was good, nice characters that did their job, the annoying ones did annoy you and you did root for the good guys. The plot is simple but on point, nice flow in the development, yet something was just a little off. It could be that the twist reveals itself perhaps too early, even tho it is on purpose. Maybe we just didn't have the proper time invested in everybody's plan in order to emphasis enough. Whatever it is, for me The Sacrifice Game is an ok movie but definitely not something to recommend. Even for the Christmas horror list, I'm sure you've been a good girl/boy and deserve better. If I could put my finger on something, I think it's on the fact that it does come off as boring and a little pretentious at times. A lot of unnecessary dialogue that we could have done without and maybe less focus on explicit violence. So there, I did found a few, flaws, in my opinion. But if you do enjoy it, I would totally understand. I think it is indeed a well done movie, a lot of effort and passion was put into it, but sadly not my coup of tea. Cheers!

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  • Mena Massoud
  • Olivia Scott Welch
  • Chloë Levine
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