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movieJuly 27, 2023
A law student finds himself in a twisted web of murder and deceit brought on by a dark force from his past.
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1h 40min
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I have to say that when I saw the poster for this movie I was instantly intrigued, it's already my genre of film but the overall design elements were crafted perfectly. Once I started watching I was glued to the screen until the very end. It gave me chills...the plot twisted in ways I didn't expect and brought out a sense of horror-filled curiosity in me. We're in a world where everyone is trying to make a horror film and few are actually making it a multilayered and multidimensional. The Unseen, however, does that seamlessly. It's hard to explain how a film makes you feel when it triggers so many emotions but all I can say is, go watch and you'll understand, just keep in mind this is not shy to show you what horror can be. I hate reviews that give true plots away so I will keep to that honor and just insist you experience the film yourself. Go watch it, share it with your friends! The cast was top notch and the director knew what they wanted to see and together with the DP brought it to life. It's insane, it's thought-provoking, it's horrifying. Above it all though, it's damn good!

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  • RJ Mitte
  • Christian Stolte
  • William Mark McCullough
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