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movieRJuly 8, 2024
When Jess sets sail on a yacht with a group of friends, she cannot shake the feeling that there is something wrong.
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A small boat capsizes in the see and the people aboard must go to a large ship for help. But this ship is empty, with the exception of a lone killer acting out of unexplained motives... and then the plot goes from mundane to bizarre. This film is written and directed by Christopher Smith, who made a few waves with his 2006 film "Severance". I think this is really going to be his break-out project, so long as enough people catch it. The plot is intelligent and tight, the directing is masterful, and the cast is kept in line. Melissa George has been praised for this film, and I think that's fair. She has up until now been very second fiddle, and despite good performances in films like "Amityville Horror", never really got her due. This film is it -- she is front and center for the entire running time, showing her most anguished character possible. There are few problem with this film. It does run a bit long, but not so long that it's unbearable... the first twenty minutes are bland, but it picks up after that. The biggest problem, which is unfortunate, is that this film was released after "Timecrimes"... and there are some similarities, even if minor, and critics will jump on this. But, if anything, this made me enjoy the film more rather than less, because it was like reliving the mindbend that "Timecrimes" gave me. I completely endorse this film, and strongly recommend it to any horror or suspense fan. You may enjoy the subtle references to "The Shining", or simply the interesting and deep plot. And, at least as I write this (August 2010), the film is an instant play on Netflix, so you do not have to go out of your way to find it.

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  • Melissa George
  • Joshua McIvor
  • Jack Taylor
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