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movieRJuly 7, 2024
When Jess sets sail on a yacht with a group of friends, she cannot shake the feeling that there is something wrong.
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bob the moo

A sudden electrical storm hits a group of young friends out on a yacht for the day, capsizing it and leaving them drifting. When the large cruise ship Aeolus passes by, they are rescued and climb aboard only to find that the ship is deserted. They wander around the ship feeling more uneasy as they go, until someone wearing a sack and carrying a shotgun starts trying to kill them all. The plot summary sounds simple enough not only do we know what genre territory we are in but we also know where it is all going to go and what it is going to do as it goes there. I actually sat braced for a slasher horror movie (not really my type of thing) and for the first thirty minutes things are quite scary, with the "sack killer" being creepy and threatening in the way all mysterious and creepy characters are in this type of villain (those who have seen the Orphanage will understand how creepy a static figure in a sack can be). On this ground the film works very well and the tension is palatable to the point where we can appreciate why Jess starts going crazy. The film then shifts the plot in a way that is very engaging and also very weird; it is best for me not to discuss it too much because it is all the better to try and keep up with it and then spend time afterwards thinking about it and talking about it. It does have plot holes and it will not satisfy all viewers but I found that the open nature of it is all part of it and writer/director Smith does help us understand what is going on in the way he names the ship and also makes a point of having the story partially explained by the characters when they first board the ship and see its name. It doesn't totally make sense and some things are deliberately left unknown (or at least "uncertain") but it is a great ride that mostly delivers on the way to a very downbeat ending (although you'll know that is not really the case when you watch it). It is driven forward by Smith's direction making everything claustrophobic and thrilling, even as it becomes more confusing. Melissa George is a massive part of it to though. Her performance is great throughout and she is convincingly disturbed, weird, disturbed and numb as the script requires – her madness is both understandable and alienating. The rest of the cast are not quite as good but this is not really a problem because George and the script are really all that matters. Triangle is a film you will hear about from people who have seen it and, despite its flaws, it will have stuck in their mind. Hopefully they will not tell you too much about it because the twisty mind-funk is all part of it. It is flawed due to plot holes though but it is hard to really dislike the film for them – particularly when you realise that any problems you have with how the story ends are more to do with how/where the film starts.

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