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tvseriesJanuary 18, 2024
A cruise ship rescues 28 refugees from the Mediterranean. When the captain is ordered to head for Libya, the situation escalates.
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Timely story with some very human perspectives on all sides. Good acting from lesser known actors and good script. Well shot and doesn't delve too deeply into the maudlin desperation of it all. Realistic to some degree, but not too weighty and prefers character over style. Well, mostly, not always. There is a bit of balance and juxtaposition from certain characters. You gotta expect that. But ... I'm a little confused. Looking through the producer credits, I don't see the names of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Surely no two people had more to contribute to this story than they. Without them, this story could not have been told. They worked so hard on it, they deserve credit where credit is due. Such is life, eh?

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  • Jessica Schwarz
  • Sylvester Groth
  • Denise Capezza
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