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tvseriesJanuary 19, 2024
A cruise ship rescues 28 refugees from the Mediterranean. When the captain is ordered to head for Libya, the situation escalates.
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On first glance I believed this to actually be a documentary series so I avoided it but when searching for a new series to watch I read the overview... I'm glad I did. The (at present) review of 5 stars does not do this series justice in my opinion. The multiple different stories, which are probably in fact stories of people from different circumstances is what makes this. A good look at what world some people come from. My only set backs is it's kind of stretched out it and think it could of been done in 5 or 6 episodes instead of the 8 and that its multilingual (but thats preference). All tho producing this type of seires in one language would have ruined it...

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  • Jessica Schwarz
  • Sylvester Groth
  • Denise Capezza
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